If there was America or Russia in the geographical region where Turkey is located.

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Very specific explanations from the research specialist in the strategic and social movements of the Middle East

If there was America or Russia in the geographical region where Turkey is located.

We had said it would not be without Turkey We have stated that Turkey is the only country that follows the Middle East Nations or the Communities living in this land with the most sensitivity, and we have explained the reasons in detail in our previous writings. Whether it is America, Russia, China, Iran or the European Union, it has to accept the fact unconditionally. Turkey is the only country with such a geographical position on the world that is opened from North to South and South to North, from West to East and from East to West due to its geopolitical position which is called Eurasia. It is a very realistic concept to refer to this country in Europe. The right to closely observe all the geological and political movements that may arise all around this country is a privilege given to Turkey as nature. Unfortunately, the fact that the world does not want to admit it with insistence is that Turkey has such a natural power in this geography. Turkey closely observes all social-based movements in the Middle East, investigates the causes of these movements, examines the patterns of movement and seriously evaluates its consequences. No country in the region has undertaken a scientific work as a task in the form of research, follow-up, analysis and evaluation of such social movements. Unfortunately, for this reason, in extraordinary circumstances, they are all in complete surprise and confusion except Turkey. Of course, the Intelligence Units are the most important actors of this watch, but the co-operation of the Institutes working in this field and the consideration of the media are essential for coordinating such an activity. If there was America or Russia in the geographical region where Turkey is located. What would be the equilibrium of the Middle East ... do not you think ... Let the Middle East balance the world! Think about how it would be, and at the beginning of the 3rd World War, think about whether we were at the end. If you consider this picture, you will not find it difficult to understand that having Turkey in Eurasia is a great blessing for the Earth. Turkey is the only country that has all the strategic movements and social mobility in the Middle East geography, the most closely monitored infrastructure and potential. As the President, Prime Minister and Ministers and the State, many messages are given to the whole world in a closed or open manner. While the world does not want to understand it, while trying to produce solutions in the region according to their own mind, they have been watching the massacre of the thousands of innocent civilians and do not care that they are responsible for their deaths. The call of Turkey to the Peace Requests is very clear, come to the table and open all the cards in your hand, please give us a very good evaluation of the information we will give you. This information is not a theory but an actual fact that lives in the region. These are also obvious. We can work together and get results that will solve everyone's expectation in the region. But this may be possible if the Super State Ministers come together in Ankara, not in Geneva. We repeat that in Geography there is no solution without Turkey. You can reach the right information about the region only with the accumulation of Turkey. Mehmet Naci Karaörs (research specialist in the strategic and social movements of the Middle East)


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